The start of a new adventure

I love adventure!  I have always loved adventure, however throughout the years, the word adventure has changed, twisted and morphed into something with a whole other meaning.  I no longer look at adventure as simply the planned trips, going out to do something that should end up being a fun adventure.  Adventure has changed for me from a thing to chase after or go on, to a way of life and a new way to look at the world.  For me, now, everything is an adventure; The Adventure Never Ends!

I wanted to start this blog as a way to start a new adventure, but also as a way to continue my adventure and to share and inspire others on their own adventure.  There are so many things that I already want to write about.  This blog is going to showcase some of my everyday adventures, and hopefully all of the big adventures as well.  I will be displaying photography and am hoping grow a collection of trail menu items that I have tried and tested on trips.

Recently I graduated from school where I took an outdoor adventure leadership program.  My adventure seemed to end, but really it just took a new turn.  After having gone to school essentially for camping, there was a real lack of ‘adventure’ in my life.  Fast-forward to the spring where stress and life caught up to me and I had to leave a job I loved in order to take care of myself.  If I couldn’t continue doing the work that I loved then, how was I going to continue with a career in the same industry?  Would I be able to lead adventures like I had in the past? (Stay tuned for stories from the Bloodvein and Missinaibi Rivers)  I didn’t do anything for a while and it started to drive me crazy.  I needed to do something.

I’ve started a garden with my mom,  I’ve decided to get back into photography (and actually show it off), I’ve been fostering animals with a local shelter and I have started to realize how every part of my life is a never ending adventure.

A couple weeks ago a friend called and wanted to know if I would go on a sea kayaking trip with him and a few friends.  This was my chance to get back to the backcountry before I started guiding again.  The trip was amazing, inspired me to continue adventuring, and gave me the confidence to get back to what I love.

Welcome, enjoy the reading, and check back soon for my next post on my five days in a sea kayak.

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