Must Have Spices For Your Camp Kitchen

Hey friends! When I go out on a day trip or overnights, if I am making a meal I make sure to have my spice kit with me.  These are the spices that are my favorite on my adventures.  Stay tuned for recipes on all the meals mentioned below.  Click on the links/pictures to find out where to buy these spices to add to your own spice kit.

Montreal Steak Spice


Club House La Grille Montreal Steak Spice, 825 g

Also known as the best spice for your camp kitchen!  Don’t forget that you can never pack too much, because as soon as people find out it’s around, it will be on every meal.  Weather you need salt and/or pepper,  add some Montreal Steak Spice and you’ll get a bit of both.  This spice can be used to enhance almost any meal, but here are some of my favorites

  • Lazy Perogies
  • Pad Thai
  • Chicken Alfredo

Roasted Garlic and Red Pepper


This is indeed a close second, although these two really should be tied for first.  I am one who loves garlic and so I really can’t get enough of this spice, and you can’t go wrong with a few roasted reds to add all the flavor.  I add this spice to just about every single thing I make.  I even added it to a roasted veggie salad as well as loaded baked potato soup yesterday!

Lemon Pepper Spice

The MUST HAVE spice for all things fish.  I love a simple fillet fried in a pan with a bit of butter, garlic and lemon pepper.  I also used this for frying a partridge one time (just don’t tell mountain man I ‘ruined’ the partridge with lemon haha).  This is a great spice to have around as well


Cinnamon is the perfect breakfast spice! I put it in pretty much everything from bannock to oats to french toast and even coffee!

That’s right … for all you coffee lovers out there here’s a new way to have the most necessary part of your day. I usually sprinkle a bit of cinnamon right on top of the grounds in a drip brew machine or mix it right into the grounds in a french press. I drink my coffee black but there’s something delightful and warming about that little hint of cinnamon.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is another part of my spice kit that is so versatile. You can use it pretty much everywhere you would use the cinnamon especially in breakfast dishes. I also like to use brown sugar as my ‘secret’ ingredient when making stir fry, pasta sauce or chilli as I find that it compliments the other flavours perfectly as well as taking the burning edge off of the spicier flavours.

Chili Powder

Club House Chili Powder, 600 Gram
Chilli pow pow!! This is a great spice to have for all things lunch and dinner related. Add a bit to any meat or meat substitute for even more flavor!  Whether you are making pasta, chili, tacos, soup, potatoes … you can use this spice in everything!

TVP (textured vegetable protein).  If you have never heard of TVP it is a dried soy product which, when re-hydrated turns into something that is supposed to be a ground meat substitute.  This sounds like something you should never be putting into your body and I don’t blame you for thinking that.  However, if you find yourself with no other choice but to put these tasteless flakes into a meal, they make an outstanding taco or burrito filling by simply re-hydrating in a bit less water than necessary and then frying in a hot pan with a bit of oil and chili powder.

That was a list of things I will never not have in my spice kit. These spices will get you through any bland rehydrated mush you come across and may actually make it seem gourmet if you are a wizard with the spices.
Here is a list of some other excellent spices to go into the kit depending on what meals you are bringing camping:

          • Cumin
            • Perfect for that wonderful curry soup on a rainy afternoon
          • Curry Powder
            • along with the curry soup, this can also be put on chickpeas before dehydrating for a tasty snack on the trail
          • Milk Powder
            • whether you are an avid coffee drinker or just want to pour a bit of milk over your granola, you can’t go wrong with milk powder
          • Italian Seasoning
            • adds that little extra bit of delight to all of your red sauce based meals


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