About Adventure Never Ends

Every day is a new adventure!  

Adventure Never Ends is a place for stories about every day adventures.  I have always loved being outside, finding new adventures and, of course, taking photos.  I needed a place to share my photos, but also to share all of my adventure stories.  

I love to be outside, I am a backcountry camping guide and I generally feel better outside.  I want to make sure that people know being far from home in the bush is not the only way to get outside and receive the benefits of being in nature.  My goal is to share with everyone ways that you can get outside and have your ‘nature fix’ every day.  I will be sharing tips on how to get outside each day from walking your dog to gardening to hiking with friends.  There will also be posts from time to time highlighting some of my favourite backcountry camping trips as well tips and tricks on how you can be more comfortable or efficient while camping.

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Submit Your Adventure

We have an awesome new feature at Adventure Never Ends where you can submit your own adventure story and have it posted on our blog!  Click here to find out more!

Check out some great photos!

Along with my passion for the outdoors and adventures, I also LOVE to take pictures.  Check out the albums page to see my photography and feel free to send an email if you would like to buy a print.


Crafts on crafts on crafts

When I need something to do, crafting keeps me busy.  Stay tuned for outdoor and adventure inspired crafts.  I will be selling dreamcatchers and other items I make once our store is up and running.